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Amazing Facts to Know About Durian Fruit – The King of Thai Fruits

Amazing Facts to Know About Durian Fruit – The King of Thai Fruits

A spiky fruit that is incredibly unique, smelly and possesses a different look and feel is something that will excite you, for sure. And it is not for nothing, that this texture fits Durian fruit to be the king of all Thai fruits.

But durian fruit does have a popular place in the Thai culture that no other fruit has ever gained. When you are in Thailand you are sure to hear or read about it a lot, and thus it becomes pretty hard to not give it a try.

How, the king of Thai Fruits, Durian fruit, tastes?

As overpowering its smell is, it not obscure to that that its taste will be alike strange. A durian fruit tastes a blend of sweet, savory and creamy. This taste is something that makes one go ‘ohh, what is that’, when trying out for the first time. There are many who love the taste of durian fruit, while many may not like the taste of durian fruit & not be willing to give it a second try.

Durian Fruit
Durian Fruit – The king of Thai Fruit


Some Amazing Things About Durian Fruit – The king of Thai Fruits

  • It is Unique to Other Fruits

The distinctiveness of Durian fruit, considering smell, taste and appearance will make you think how it is a fruit; it doesn’t have that delicate aspect. Yes, this is what makes it unique to every other fruit. And not just these things, this fruit is also a bit on the heavier side.

  • Durian fruit Has Many Varieties

Yes, and the number is staggering more than 200. Yes, you read that right, durian fruit has more than 200 varieties. While 234 is a huge number to try all at once, you can start with the big four varieties of durian fruit – namely, Monthong, Gaan Yao, Chanee, and Gradoomthong. All these differ in how they appear, taste and smell.

  • At Some Places, Durian fruit is Banned on Public Transport

With the overpowering smell that it has, you also wouldn’t want to welcome such an item inside your vehicle. This is the reason, why durian fruit has been banned for taking along in several types of public transport across Thailand. You would get to see signs on transportations, even on taxis to not bring this fruit on-board.

  • You Won’t be Able to Define The Taste of Durian fruit

Is it ambrosial? Is it diced ginger? Is it sugar mixed in some kind of savory agent? Is it cream-cheese? Is it sherry-wine? You will have different perceptions, depending on your unique taste buds. Therefore, no one has been able to define the exact taste of Durian fruit. And it is not for taste only, this goes for the smell also.

  • It’s Literally the King of Fruits – According to Chinese Concept

In Chinese culture, there is a king of fruits and a queen of fruits – Durian, the king and Mangosteen, the queen. And this is because Durian fruit possesses a rich consistency and pungent smell that categorised it as ‘warming’, and thus the king of fruits. While Mangosteen is juicy in texture and has acidic flavour which deems it fit to be in ‘cooling’ category, and thus the queen.

So, these are some exceptionally interesting things to know about Durian fruit, one of many wonders to know about edibles in the world. Make sure to ask a vendor about the variety when you try out a Durian fruit in Thailand.

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