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Why ICONSiam Mall is the Marvel You Must Visit When in Bangkok

Why ICONSiam Mall is the Marvel You Must Visit When in Bangkok

ISCONSIam Mall, a video tour to this granduer, iconic, biggest & most luxurious mall of Bangkok. A must visit place in Bangkok

When it comes to urban structures that stand out because of their sheer size, vibrancy, and balance of fashion, food, entertainment all wrapped in a beautiful, striking, colossal architecture, the ICONSIAM mall in Bangkok stands out on its own.

The massive waterfront mall, situated alongside the Chao Phraya river in 2018, has become a landmark figure in Thailand’s capital city in such a short time. ICONSiam Mall, Bangkok includes not only high-street, high-end luxury stores, food brands, street-food vendors, but also hotels amd residential buildings. If you want to know the utter enormity and opulence of this mall, then you can look around at some figures and stats, which, incidentally, don’t lie about what this shopping and food mecca is all about.

Some facts & figures on ICONSiam mall, Bangkok

  • Structure Build Cost – 54 billion baht (S$2.28 billion)
  • Floor Space – 525,000 square metres, which can be summed up as about 90 times more than the size of a football field
  • Total Floors – 10
  • Parking Facility – 5000 cars
  • Residential Buildings – Includes 2 tallest buildings, one 52-storey and another one gigantic 70-storey
  • 3000-seater auditorium/exhibition mall
  • First Apple store in Thailand
  • First Siam Takashimaya department store
  • Riverside park and walkway
  • Indoor floating market, named SOOK Siam

Some Amazing Features Which Make ICONSiam Mall, Bangkok Stand Out

  • Floating Market, also know as SOOK Siam

While you would have come around different floating markets in Thailand that have vendors selling fresh foods and goods on their boats, ICONSiam mall in Bangkok takes the experience a notch above – a mini market that is floating and is indoors and offers almost all types of fresh and street-food you can expect to eat around this city.

The floating market in ICONSiam Mall is designed in such a way that it pays homage to the world-popular Thai culture. The Floating market offers food and beverages, regional specialties and local crafts, and much more.

  • Food Culture

Malls around the world are known to bring the finest in food menus for the people. And when you are in ICONSiam, you can have anything that you want, within your taste and budget. Spread around seven different zones, you can find varieties including Indian, Japanese, Thai, and Western as well. Whether you want to eat in-store or with a view at the Tasanakhon Terrace Bar, you have endless options.

  • Buy From High-End Luxury to Cheap

A true platform for Crazy Rich Asians, you have numerous high-end brands located in ICONSiam mall, as well as street brands and more fashion names, to fit your wallet size perfectly.

  • Marvellous Museum

Want to take a stroll around admiring the rich Thai culture and heritage? No need to go anywhere else, as you can find all that in the National Heritage Gallery at ICONSiam Mall, Bangkok.

  • A Fountain Show to Dazzle You

There is nothing more adventurous than a remarkable fountain show to please you after a long day of shopping and food fest. Check the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec after the sunset, featuring some impressive 3D figures.

How to reach ICONSiam Mall, Bangkok

To reach ICONSiam mall, take the Chao Phraya ferry and start your journey to ICONSiam mall in the most classically amazing way.

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