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Pakistan Reports 22 Dead in Resort After Snowstorm

Pakistan Reports 22 Dead in Resort After Snowstorm

Pakistan reports at least 22 dead in a popular resort town after a snowstorm trapped them in their vehicles. As many as 22 people including 10 children when the temperature dropped. Officials say most of them died due to hypothermia.

Among those who perished were an Islamabad police officer and seven members of his family. His fellow police officer Atiq Ahmed shared the information.

Pakistan Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that more than 4 feet of snow fell overnight. The area of Murray Resort was hit Friday until early Saturday morning. Thousands of cars were caught in the snowstorm. Heavy equipment was brought by the officials to clear the snow. Temperatures fell to 17.6 degrees Fahrenheit during the storm.

The government deployed paramilitary troops and special military units to help. Thousands of cars were pulled out from the snow but thousands were still stuck. Most roads leading to the resort were cleared late Saturday and troops continue to clear the rest.

Emergency officials are distributing food and water for those who are still stuck. The military set up camps in the nearby schools. This serves as a base of treatment for those who are being pulled out.

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