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Ajmera Pharmaceuticals: Blending Ancient Life Science with Modern Scientific Practice

Ajmera Pharmaceuticals: Blending Ancient Life Science with Modern Scientific Practice

Amar Ajmera (AA) is the director of Ajmera Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, which came into existence in 1969 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Ajmera Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd began with a vision of blending ancient life science and modern science. Today, with a range of more than 120 products, it is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Ayurvedic medicines and herbal products on the pan-India level.

Amar Ajmera

Indo Thai News Special Correspondent Abhimanshu caught up with him on the sidelines of PBD 2023 at Indore, India. Excerpts from the conversation:

ITN:  Are you excited to attend such a grand event?

AA:  Certainly, this event is significant for Indore as it offers us a chance to rekindle our bond with our beloved Indian diaspora.

I want to express my admiration and congratulations to the Indian and Madhya Pradesh governments for impeccably organising such a magnificent event in our city.


ITN:  What significance does an event like PBD 2023 hold?

AA:  When noteworthy events such as the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas are organised in smaller cities, they have a favourable impact on the lives of the general public residing in those cities.

It would be beneficial to hold such events more frequently in smaller cities, as they present an excellent opportunity to exhibit the immense potential of the country’s smaller cities (tier-2).

ITN:   Being a company with a history of over 50 years, what transformations have you observed in Indore? Additionally, have you noticed any positive measures the government took to promote business growth in the city?

AA:  Indore has a rich cultural heritage and a progressive outlook. The city has endured many hardships and has come out stronger every time.

We are extremely content with the present government and its actions. Our Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s initiatives, such as the grand-scale implementation of the National Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign and simpler regulations for small-scale businesses, have led to substantial progress and advancement in the city over the years.

PBD 2023-Madhya Pradesh Map

ITN: Swachh Bharat Mission was implemented all over the country. What made Indore stand out?

AA: It is a joint effort of the government and the citizens. As previously mentioned, our Chief Minister implemented some significant measures to ensure the accomplishment of the mission.

Key officials of the State Government took to the streets to promote awareness of the initiative. They visited each household and distributed dustbins and even participated in the cleaning process themselves. We observed that numerous garbage trucks were deployed for the campaign.

One of Asia’s largest plants for generating Bio-CNG from daily domestic waste was inaugurated by PM Modi in 2022. It accelerated our economy and marked a significant step towards sustainable development.

The State Government initiated another strategic and widely popular campaign called ‘Plant a Tree’ in 2021, wherein our CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan plants at least one tree daily. This systematic and scientific endeavour of the government garnered massive support and active community participation on a state-wide scale, with lakhs of volunteers joining hands to save our planet.

Moreover, the citizens of Indore have been immensely supportive of the campaign. We have a deeply ingrained habit of cleanliness, and it only takes a catalyst to bring it to the forefront.

You may have observed the public restrooms are evenly distributed throughout the city and are well-maintained, providing a hygienic and sanitary environment.

MP-The Future Ready State

ITN:  As an established businessman, how conducive do you believe Indore is for aspiring entrepreneurs?

AA: Since the inception of my company, Ajmera Pharmaceuticals, we have witnessed that Indore has undergone a significant transformation over time, with the State Government taking various measures, such as providing subsidies and tax relaxations, thereby making Madhya Pradesh a more favourable destination for startups.

Our government’s objective is to promote inclusive growth and generate employment opportunities by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in the Information Technology (IT), Information Technology Enabled Services (ITeS), and Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) sectors.

PBD 2023-Startup MP

The State Government has consistently supported young entrepreneurs through initiatives such as the ‘Mukhyamantri Udyam Kranti Yojna’ and providing Plug-and-Play infrastructure facilities. Furthermore, Madhya Pradesh boasts a large pool of skilled human resources, making it well-prepared for the future.

PBD 2023-Invest in Madhya Pradesh

ITN:  As a resident of Indore, what major attractions would you recommend for visitors?

AA:  You are in Indore, India’s ‘Cleanest City’. The city has impressively secured this title for six consecutive years. It is a remarkable achievement that deserves recognition.

Indore, known for its great history, romantic atmosphere, spiritually enriched surroundings, and much more, serves as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

The Rajwada Palace, Gopal Mandir, and Shekhar Nagar Market are significant landmarks you must visit.

Indore can rightfully claim to be the street food capital of India, with Sarafa Bazaar being a prime example. During the day, it serves as a bustling jewellery marketplace, but at night, it transforms into a lively street food court that you must visit.

Indore is a city where you can’t stay indoors with plenty to explore and experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the cleanest city in India and indulge in all it offers.

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