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Songkran Festival at Namaste Thailand Festival 2024 in New Delhi

Songkran Festival at Namaste Thailand Festival 2024 in New Delhi

The 5th Namaste Thailand Festival, organized by The Royal Thai Embassy New Delhi in collaboration with The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thai Airways International, GPSC, SGC, and FBI, took place on the 6th of April, 2024, at a vibrant event that showcased the rich culture and heritage of Thailand.

Songkran Activities

One of the festival’s highlights was the Songkran activities, which included traditional Thai water splashing to symbolize the washing away of misfortunes and welcoming the Thai New Year with a fresh start. Visitors also had the opportunity to participate in creating sand pagodas and bathing Buddha statues, engaging in these sacred traditions.

Cultural Performance

The festival featured mesmerizing traditional Thai dance performances that captivated the audience and provided a glimpse into Thailand’s artistic heritage. The dances, known for their graceful movements and colorful costumes, added to the festive atmosphere.

Games and Activities

Attendees had the chance to partake in various games, such as ringtoss and balloon dart, as well as traditional Thai games, which added an element of fun and excitement to the event. These activities allowed participants to immerse themselves in Thai culture while enjoying a day of entertainment.

Special Activities

The festival also included special activities such as a lucky draw, offering attendees the chance to win exciting prizes, and an outdoor movie screening, providing a unique cultural experience under the stars.

The 5th Namaste Thailand Festival was a resounding success, bringing together people from different backgrounds to celebrate the beauty and diversity of Thai culture. The event not only showcased Thailand’s rich traditions but also strengthened the bond between Thailand and India, fostering cultural exchange and understanding.

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