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Woman can’t be a Minister, Says Taliban

Woman can’t be a Minister, Says Taliban

After the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, the Taliban is making new rules every day. The Taliban recently announced their government. 33 people have been included in this cabinet, but no woman has been given a place. Taliban is making new rules regarding women every day. Now the Taliban has said about women that women will not be given a place in the cabinet in Afghanistan, women’s job is only to have children.

The statement came from Taliban spokesman Syed Zakirullah Hashmi. He said that a woman cannot become a minister. It’s like putting something on her neck that she can’t lift.

The Taliban today made it clear that women are not allowed to play any sport, including cricket, in Afghanistan. After this, there has been a cloud of doubt over the only Test match between Australia and Afghanistan to be held in Hobart in November this year.

Earlier, Ahmadullah Wasik, deputy head of the Taliban Cultural Commission, had made a statement that women would not be allowed to play cricket. In cricket, he may have to face a situation where his face and body will not be covered. Islam does not allow women to be seen this way.

On the other hand, the Taliban’s Interior Minister has issued an order to end all types of demonstrations in the country that the protesters must first get permission to hold any kind of demonstration. According to this, they will also have to get approval in advance for the slogans and banners to be used in the demonstration.

The Taliban who had said during the government that there would be no discrimination against women, the same Taliban is now doing injustice to women. A high-ranking UN official has called on Taliban officials in Afghanistan to respect women’s rights. UN Secretary-General Pramila Patton was quoted as saying, “Women have the right to live a life free of peaceful protest and violence.

Members of the Afghan cabinet are expected to be sworn in on September 11, the day the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the US. However, Taliban leaders have said that the date has not been finalized.

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