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2nd Dose Quicker for Olympic-bound Athletes, Students & Employees Going Foreign

2nd Dose Quicker for Olympic-bound Athletes, Students & Employees Going Foreign

The Centre on Monday said the gap between two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for those undertaking international travel for educational purposes, employment opportunities, or as part of India’s contingent for Tokyo Olympic games has now been set to four weeks.

The announcement comes as several individuals seeking to undertake international travel for educational, employment or Olympic-bound athletes the gap between two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine sought intervention from the government to reduce the second’s dose’s mandated minimum interval of 84 days from the date.

These facilities will be available to those who need to undertake international travel for these specified purposes in the period up to August 31, 2021.

With a view to providing full coverage of vaccination and facilitating international travel, the following procedure shall be followed for the administration of a second dose of the Covishield vaccine for such beneficiaries, the official statement said.

  • Students who have to undertake foreign travel for the purposes of education.
  • Persons who have to take up jobs in foreign countries
  • Athletes, Sportspersons and accompanying staff of Indian contingent attending International Olympic Games be held in Tokyo.

States/UT governments shall designate a competent authority in each district for according permission for such administration of second dose of Covishield.the competent authority shall check the following before according a permission for administration of second dose before the period of 84 days after date of first dose

  • Whether a period of 28 days has elapsed after the date of first dose.
  • Genuineness of the purpose of travel based on documents related to —
  • Admission Offers or associated formal communications for the of education.
  • Whether a person is already studying a foreign educational institution and has to return to that institution for continuing their education.
  • Interview calls for a job or offer letters for taking up employment.
  • Nomination to participate in the Tokyo Olympic games.

The CoWIN system will soon provide the facility for the administration of second dose in such exceptional cases, it added.

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