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31 Types of Business Venues in Bangkok Closed For 2 Weeks

31 Types of Business Venues in Bangkok Closed For 2 Weeks

BANGKOK – Starting today, 26 April to 9 May 2021 The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has ordered the closure of 31 types of COVID-19 high-risk business venues and gatherings.

BMA also imposes a mandatory wearing of face mask for everyone in all public spaces and covered areas (indoor & outdoor). Maximum fine of 20, 000 THB if caught not wearing one.

Venues and gatherings under the BMA’s restrictions are:

  1. Cinemas and theatres.
  2. Waterparks and amusement parks.
  3. Zoos.
  4. Skate and rollerblade venues, or other similar venues.
  5. Snooker and billiard halls.
  6. Bowling lanes and gaming kiosks.
  7. Gaming and Internet shops.
  8. Swimming pools and similar service venues.
  9. Fitness centers.
  10. Exhibition halls, trade centers, and convention facilities.
  11. Museums.
  12. Libraries.
  13. Children’s nurseries except in hospitals.
  14. Elderly day-care centers except for overnight services.
  15. Boxing stadiums and boxing schools.
  16. Martial arts schools.
  17. Tattoo service shops.
  18. Dancing schools or similar service venues.
  19. Horse racetracks.
  20. Buddha amulet sales stalls.
  21. Weight-control service venues, cosmetic clinics, aesthetic clinics, and medical clinics that offer aesthetic treatments.
  22. Health spas, massage shops, and beauty treatment shops.
  23. All types of racetracks.
  24. Public event grounds; such as concert stages, Thai folk theatres, and outdoor cinemas.
  25. Meeting and banquet venues both in and outside hotels.
  26. Sports stadiums.
  27. Public parks, event grounds, outdoor exercise venues, and sports grounds.
  28. Beauty salons and barbershops can open for hair washing, haircut, and hairstyling, but no queues on premises.
  29. Convenience stores can open from 5 AM-10 PM
  30. Shopping malls, department stores, community malls can open from 11 AM-9 PM but are not allowed to hold any sales promotion activities while restaurants must apply social distancing measures.
  31. No gatherings, group camping activities, film or television shootings, religious ceremonies, or family meetings with more than 20 participants.

Moreover, Food & Beverage stalls outside shopping complexes can open for dining until 9 PM, and for takeaway until 11 PM. All must apply social distancing rules.

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