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5 Fruits You Should Never Store In The Fridge

5 Fruits You Should Never Store In The Fridge

Some people feel that keeping fruits in the fridge like vegetables will keep them fresh for a long time and avoid spoilage. But it is not so at all. You should keep only a few selected fruits in the fridge. Storing fruits in the refrigerator causes most fruits to spoil or can be poisonous. Especially you should avoid keeping fruits with pulp in the fridge. Keeping the fruit in the fridge can cause harm instead of benefit. Know which fruits you should not keep in the fridge.

Banana is such a fruit that you should never keep it in the fridge. Keeping banana in the fridge turns black very quickly. Ethylene gas is released from the stem of the banana, which causes other fruits to ripen quickly, so bananas should never be kept in the fridge or with other fruits.

In summer, people eat watermelon fiercely. But it is such a big fruit that it becomes difficult to eat in one go. In such a situation, many times people after cutting watermelon and melon keep them in the fridge. which is wrong. You should never cut watermelon and melon and keep it in the fridge. Keeping them in the fridge destroys their antioxidants. Yes, you can keep them in the fridge for some time before eating.

By keeping apples in the fridge, they get cooked quickly. The reason behind this is the active enzymes found in apples, due to which the apple ripens quickly. So do not keep apples in the fridge. If you want to keep apples for a long time, then keep them wrapped in paper. Apart from this, fruits with seeds like plums, cherries and peaches should also not be kept in the fridge.

Never keep mangoes in the fridge. Due to this, the antioxidants present in mango start decreasing. Due to this the nutrients of mango are also destroyed. Mangoes are cooked with curbide which spoils the mango quickly when mixed with water.

Do not forget to keep the litchi that tastes delicious in summer in the fridge. By keeping litchi in the fridge, its upper part remains the same, but the pulp starts getting spoiled from inside.

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