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5 Things to Do in Chiang Mai

5 Things to Do in Chiang Mai

Bangkok is not limited to night clubs, massage parlours and yoga centres. There are a lot more which one may experience on the land of Bangkok and a trip to Chiang Mai is one of them. Trip to Chiang Mai, Bangkok is one in a lifetime experience. It is a place which welcomes you with giving a glimpse of the Thai culture and then provides you with some of the unique and most adventurous activity of lifetime.

Play with the Magnificent Giant Amidst Mother Nature

Chiang Mai offers you a visit to the elephant sanctuary. Unlike the other parts of the country where you enjoy the ride of these giant creatures of mother nature, here you get to play with them. Being protective towards these beautiful being of the mother nature, the sanctuary offers you to mingle with the elephants, bath with them, play with them, shower love on them and as a return token you get to see the very pleasant and loving side of them. They reciprocate love with love and have you ever imagined getting a beautiful shower and a smile from an elephant. Believe me, it will make your day and every moment you will think about it there will definitely be a smile spread on your face.

Endangered Gibbons welcome you while you take a Tarzan Ride

Talking about the adventurous experience offered by Chaing Mai, the zipline of the virgin rainforest gives you experience of the one of Asia’s longest Zipline Ride. Amidst your Zipline ride, you witness the beauty of the dense forest along with the endangered Gibbons who resides in the canopy of the forest. The breath-taking view of the forest becomes a treat for eyes when combined with the adrenaline-rushing Zipline experience.

Thai Food Celebrating Thai Culture

Sitting on the floor, flooding your mouth with yummy Thai food and enjoying the show of traditional Lanna entertainment is something you would never like to miss while in Chiang Mai. The beauty of the cultural blend with the adventurous day will satisfy and make your Thailand trip worthier. Enjoying the food alongside listening to traditional Thai music will make you feel the essence of the land.

Ever heard of Walk on a Waterfall?

Bua Tong sticky waterfall is an hour and a half ride towards north from Chiang Mai gives you an unusual experience. The large spongy rocks around the waterfall gives your feet a solid grip, allowing you to climb up the waterfall into huge, dense tropical forest. Whether you dare enough to taste the adventure or not, the scenic beauty of the fall makes it worth visiting. The white spongy rocks make the adventure a bit easier for you as the provide a good grip to your feet.

The old city of Chiang Mai

The city is said to be more than 700 years old and a trip to Chiang mail isn’t completed without dropping your foot in the place. With the guide telling the history of the place you glide around the back lanes and byways of the Old City. The beauty of the city is worth watching when the story behind each brick is unfolded by your guide. The ride is 100 per cent safe as when required, your guide stops the traffic for you to cross.

No, this isn’t all, there are yet many adventures and sight-seeing which Chiang Mai provides you but above-mentioned are a few which should top the list while you plan a visit to the place. So, get ready for your next vacation to Chiang Mai.

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