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7 Best Honeymoon Places in Kerala in India for Your Romantic Sojourn

7 Best Honeymoon Places in Kerala in India for Your Romantic Sojourn

When it comes to picking a destination for a romantic getaway with your partner, Kerala offers a pristine, serene, majestic and charming choice that is unmatched and distinctive. This southernmost state in India has not only become a favourite for Indian couples for their honeymoon, but for people from other countries as well.

Dewy hills, picturesque backwaters, tranquil beaches and unrelenting coconut groves make it the alluring place to be for newlyweds to start their journey together in the new phase of life. When you are looking to start planning your itinerary for Kerala, knowledge of the best honeymoon places in the state is one thing you need to plan better. So, read on to know some of the best places in this beautiful coastal land for your honeymoon:

Houseboats in Alleppey and Kumarakom

Known for the scenic backwaters, this is one option that’s certainly on the top of the list for romantic getaways to get an ultimate intimate and peaceful experience. Soak in the beauty of the lush greeneries around, surrounded by calmness of the waves, all while enjoying the best of comfort and luxuries of the houseboats which you will find fully equipped with baths, bedrooms, lounging areas, kitchens along with a personal butler for services at your will.

Camping in Wayanad

Lying under the stars, holding hands with your partner is the dream affair every couple would feel excited about. So, head to Wayanad, a beautiful forest city, and plan for getting trenched in the nature’s beauty, all away from city’s hustle bustle. Right from watching a sunset together, to a dreamy night under the stars, along with nature hikes and trail walks during the day, there is so much for your romantic retreat.

Explore the Wildlife Beauty in Thekkady

If there is one place that offers you the best combination of wildlife and natural beauty in Kerala, it has to be Thekkady. Make sure to go for a jungle ride in the famous Periyar wildlife sanctuary, take jungle night patrolling, stroll through the sprawling vineyards, see coffee, cardamom and pepper plantations in Murikaddy. You also have the options of border hiking and boating tours.

Tree House Resort in Athirapally

Tree house resorts have become popular for couples in Kerala. And based on the inputs from our reader base, luxury and convenience equipped tree house resorts in Athirapally would be the best choice for you. Lounge around with your partner in front of magnificent waterfall; what else would you want.

Trek to Chembra Peak

If you are bit adventurous, then this trek, the third highest in the state, is an ideal activity for you two to take. The trek will take you to the incredible heart-shaped lake in Chembra, which is a quite picturesque location amidst floating clouds and misty hill.

Relax at Alappuzha Beach

Ask anyone who has been to different beaches, and they will tell how different and a greater experience the beaches of Kerala will provide in comparison to other crowded and popular beaches in India. And amongst all, Alappuzha beach stands out. With clean blue water and crystal-clear white sand beach and no overcrowd situation, this is the perfect destination to walk hand in hand, enjoy the warmth of waves. You can also indulge in some amazing adventurous activities like kayaking and more.

Go for Nature Trails in Vagamon

Untouched, raw and astonishingly beautiful, these are just some words to denote the splendour of Vagamon, situated between 3 different outstanding hills – Murugan, Thangal, Kurisumala. Here, you can explore all things nature including tea gardens, cardamom plantations, lakes, dams, and so much more for never-ending sightseeing. This is also one of the best locations to go for Ayurvedic couple spa.

Honeymoon in the God’s own country is an experience you won’t anywhere else. With pristine natural beauty, beautiful hills and forests, calm and clear beaches, lush greenery, alluring backwaters, delicious cuisines to indulge in, and culturally rich heritage, there won’t be a moment and experience you won’t feel rejuvenated by.

So, what is your favourite destination from the list? If you have been to Kerala, tell us more about your own experiences.

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