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California Cafe Owner Is Charges Customers A Fee If They Wear A Face mask

California Cafe Owner Is Charges Customers A Fee If They Wear A Face mask

Due to the corona virus pandemic everyone is appealing to people to apply social distancing and masks. However, there is a restaurant in America that fines people for applying masks.

There is a Fiddleheads Cafe in the city of California in the US which is very much discussed due to its rules.the owner of this cafe is Chris Castleman. He has always been opposed to the guidelines set by the Corona and he is not even a supporter of the Corona vaccine. Chris admits that America has suffered a lot due to the lockdown

It is worth noting that California and Hawaii are the states in America where people still have to apply masks indoors despite getting the vaccine. However, despite this, Chris does not want to see people in masks in his restaurant. The first rule of his restaurant is that if you show any mask, then 5 dollars will be fine on it.

Another rule of the restaurant is that if any person is heard praising the corona vaccine, then even 5 dollars will be fined on it. However, while talking about this fine, Chris told that all this fine would go to the local charity.

Chris said that since he got these sign boards installed outside his restaurant, many people come back after seeing it, and when many people come to know that this fine is going to charity, they come to our restaurant. I like it. Chris said that he wants to adopt these rules for the next few months.

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