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A Journey of Passion and Coffee with % Arabica

A Journey of Passion and Coffee with % Arabica

% Arabica, an independent coffee brand born in Kyoto, has now grown to 162 stores worldwide, embracing a global community of coffee enthusiasts. This brand is a testament to the incredible journey that passion and dedication can weave, intertwining a love for coffee and design with an insatiable curiosity for the world.

The founder’s story unfurled in Tokyo, where they were nurtured by parents who understood the universal language of Esperanto. Those childhood summers spent at World Esperanto Congresses sparked an enduring fascination with diversity, design, and architecture. These experiences became the building blocks for questioning notions of identity and life’s greater purpose.

College life unfolded in the vibrant tapestry of Venice Beach, California, where the founder’s affection for coffee deepened, influenced by Starbucks’ burgeoning coffee culture. Subsequent work in a trading company offered windows into an array of mindsets about work and life, fostering introspection. These reflections ultimately steered the founder towards a life marked by simplicity, family travel, and an unwavering bond with coffee.

And so, coffee emerged as the definitive answer — a daily ritual that bestowed sheer delight. % Arabica was birthed to craft perfection in every cup, an aspiration pursued with zeal. The journey towards excellence encompassed acquiring a Hawaiian coffee farm, trading in the finest global green beans, and even establishing a role as a distributor for top-tier roasting and espresso machines. The culmination arrived in 2014 with the inauguration of the very first flagship store in Kyoto, Japan.

% Arabica’s aspirations have sprouted wings that span the globe, aiming to bridge disparate cultures through the universal language of coffee. It stands as an open invitation, beckoning individuals to embark on explorations, set forth aspirations, and treasure fleeting moments — all accompanied by the symphony of exceptional coffee. In this manner, life’s diverse chapters, fueled by fervor and unyielding determination, culminate in a remarkable and worldwide kinship, anchored in the shared adoration for the simple yet profound pleasure of a magnificent cup of coffee.

As % Arabica’s narrative evolves, it’s important to highlight that the brand has now planted its roots in Thailand, where it thrives in multiple iconic locations. These Thai havens include the QSNCC outlet, the bustling Bangkok One City Centre branch, the iconic Bangkok UOB Plaza establishment, the artisanal haven at Bangkok Emquartier Roastery, the vibrant heart of Bangkok Central World, and now the illustrious setting of Iconsiam. This expansion stands as a testament to % Arabica’s enduring commitment to spreading its aromatic message far and wide, uniting coffee aficionados across the globe.

The odyssey of % Arabica is a testament to the remarkable potential of embracing life’s multifarious encounters, underpinned by fervor and resoluteness, to yield a profound and universal kinship bound together by a mutual reverence for the modest yet profound delight found in each splendid cup of coffee.

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