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A Place to Grow, Learn and Discover: Thailand as an Education Destination

A Place to Grow, Learn and Discover: Thailand as an Education Destination

Education in Thailand

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”— Nelson Mandela.

Thailand, invariably enjoys the reputation of being one of the world’s preferred holiday destinations, but its education system is another essential aspect that puts Thailand on the global map.

Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok

PC: Roger Wollstadt from Sarasota, Florida, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Like many Asian countries, Thailand’s education is an essential and highly regarded sphere of society. Its updated and high-quality educational facilities attract over 20,000 international students annually. Students in Thailand undergo high competition for admission to top schools and colleges.

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Education in Thailand

Higher education in Thailand began in 1916 with the establishment of Chulalongkorn University, its first formal university.

Over the years, Thailand climbed up the educational hierarchy and found its place among the top destinations for higher education worldwide.

Education in Thailand

Thailand’s education tourism has also grown exponentially. The Thai government has laid down several rules and regulations intending to put Thai universities at the global forefront of science and technology. International students who enrol in the top Thai universities can experience the high quality of education offered here.

Higher Education Curriculum in Thailand

Thailand’s higher education curriculum focuses on customising technical education to suit the competitive and technically advanced global market needs.

The curated courses help the students to upgrade themselves as per the need of the hour and find suitable jobs in the international market.

Thailand currently has over 15,000 international students, which increases yearly.

International Standard Education in Thailand

      • Ten universities from Thailand appeared in the 2023 annual QS World University Rankings.
      • Twenty-eight universities from Thailand appeared in the 2023 list of Times Higher Education World University Ranking.
      • Twenty-three universities from Thailand appear in the 2022 University Ranking by Academic Performance from URAP (University Ranking by Academic Performance).

The reputed publications mentioned above analyse the top universities in the world based on their teaching, knowledge transfer, international perspectives, and research facilities.

How to Apply

Education in Thailand

Step 1: Find the university and course you want to study. Several top-level universities offer multitudes of international standard courses.

Step 2: Go through the university website to find important information like eligibility criteria, course detail, schedule and fees, etc.

Since not all higher education institutions in Thailand have the same application procedures and requirements, you can contact the respective authorities to find out the enrollment procedure.

Step 3: There are several general eligibility criteria. You must ensure you fulfil the essential requirements before sending your application, some of which are:

      • Filled-in application form.
      • Proof of paying the application fee (if applicable).
      • Proof of English proficiency.
      • Proof of financial resources (to live and study there).
      • Medical certificate.
      • Passport-size photo.
      • Copy of valid passport and personal ID.
      • Letter of recommendation.
      • Personal statement.

Step 4: Try to meet the application deadline. Always try to complete the necessary formalities beforehand and do not leave anything for the last minute.

Thailand has two academic sessions for specific courses and rolls out admission forms accordingly. For some programmes, there’s just one intake period in autumn with a deadline ranging from March to May. For others, there are two: one in autumn, and one in spring, with a deadline from November to January.

Step 5: Meticulously follow these steps after receiving the university’s acceptance letter.

Firstly, confirm your enrollment and immediately apply for a student visa. Secondly, apply for medical insurance and check out the available scholarships or grants for which you may be eligible.

Step 6: Book your tickets to Thailand and enjoy the opportunity to study at one of the most advanced and highly reputable education destinations.

Requirements for UG and PG Programs for Education in Thailand

There are certain specific requisites that you must fulfil for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the country, such as:

  • For Diploma/ Certificate/Bachelor’s Degree: You must have a formal education of 10+2 from a related background with minimum marks required per the course you chose.
  • For Master’s Degree: You must have an undergraduate degree from a recognised institution in the related field and the required GPA. Some universities require the GMAT or GRE test scorecard for PG courses.
  • Language Requirement: It is necessary to state your command over the English language through tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

Scholarship Assistance for Education in Thailand

Scholarship Assistance for Education in Thailand

To assist students with the costs of studying in Thailand, several reputable organisations have established scholarships that cover all or part of the expenses. Finally, here are some top scholarships for international students in Thailand::

      • Thailand International Postgraduate Program (TIPP).
      • Education Fund International scholarship.
      • IELTS Test Fee Scholarship.
      • Education Fund International Scholarship.
      • MA Program Scholarship at the School of Global Studies, Thammasat University.
      • EFS scholarship program Thailand for International Students.
      • SIT Zero Fees English Scholarship.
      • Women in Finance Scholarship.
      • EIT International Excellence Scholarship.
      • Chulalongkorn University’s Graduate programme.
      • Harbour Space University Bangkok International Master’s Scholarship in Thailand.
      • Prince of Songkla University Faculty of Medicine International Student Graduate Scholarships.
      • SEARCA Graduate funding for Southeast Asians.
      • Asian Institute of Technology GAFS-AIT International Scholarship in Thailand.

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