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Everything About Karwa Chauth

Everything About Karwa Chauth

-Mrinalini (pen name)

Karwa Chauth is celebrated most of the Northern-region of India by married woman. All married woman observes fasting (without food and water) since morning till moon rise for the well-being, prosperity and longevity of their husband. It also kept to maintain harmony in marital relationship. Every Hindu festival carries many traditions and do have social and scientific significance. The article highlights the fasting preparation, puja process, the story and other important rituals.

The Ritual

On the day of Karwa Chauth the married woman gets up early before sunrise to eat their sargi. A fasting feast given by their mother-in law which contain fruits, dry fruits, sweets, matthi, vermilion, etc. The sargi helps in keeping the woman energetic all through the day.

The Puja

For the puja, woman dresses up in their solha shringar (bindi, sindoor, maang tikka, kajal, mehndi, bangles, hair accessories, earrings, necklace, rings, nose ring, armlet, waistband, anklet & bichuas, perfume and clothes).

Origin & Story

As other Hindu myth stories, many stories are also attached to Karwa Chauth. The origin of Karwa Chauth is believed to date back at the time of Mahabharata. When Arjun went to Nilgiri mountains Draupadi started facing certain issues for which she approached Lord Krishna. He advised her to do Karwa Chauth fasting, the same manner in which Goddess Parvati did for Lord Shiva. The purpose of the fast is to remove obstacles from marital life. He then recited Draupadi the story of Karwa Chauth.

The Story of Karwa

Long time back, in the city of Indraprasthapur there was Brahmin couple Vedsharma and his wife Leelavati. They had a daughter named Veeravati. Because of just sister of seven siblings she was pampered by all.

As she grew old, she was married to a Brahmin boy. Like other married women Veeravati too had to do the Karwa Chauth fasting, but she couldn’t bear the appetite. Because of this shortcoming she swooned and fell on the ground.

All siblings couldn’t bear the hopeless state of their lovable sister. They realized that Veeravati, a Pativrata, would not take any nourishment except if she locates the moon regardless of whether it costs her life. All siblings together made an arrangement to deceive the sister to break her fast. One of the siblings hopped on the far-off tree of Vat with sifter and light. When Veeravati picked up the cognizant, rest of the siblings disclosed to her that the moon has risen and expedited her the rooftop to locate the moon. When Veeravati saw the light, she accepted that the moon has ascended. To get over her yearning she quickly made contributions to the light and opened her fast.

When Veeravati began having the supper she got a wide range of terrible sign. In the primary chomp she found the hair, in the second nibble she wheezed and in the third nibble she got greeting from her in-laws. In the wake of contacting her spouses’ home just because she found the dead body of her better half. On observing the dead body of her significant other Veeravati began crying and reprimanded herself for submitting some misstep during the fasting of Karwa Chauth. She began grieving hopelessly. On listening her grieving Goddess Indrani, the spouse of God Indra, landed to support Veeravati. Veeravati asked Indrani for what valid reason she got such a destiny upon the arrival of Karwa Chauth and asked to make her significant other alive. On observing the regret of Veeravati, Goddess Indrani disclosed to her that she broke the fast without giving Argha (offering) to the moon and because of that her better half met unfavorable passing. Indrani exhorted Veeravati to watch Chauth fasting on every month during the time including the fasting of Karwa Chauth and guaranteed that her significant other would return alive. After that Veeravati watched month to month fasting with complete trust and all customs.

At Moon Rise

At moon rise couples do the puja of moon together. The women look at the moon through a strainer(channi) and then see’s her husband. She offers water to moon and then the husband too offer water to his wife. This completes the fast and the family is ready to take their meals.

Happy Fasting!!!

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