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AC, TV, Freeze, Cooler Will Now Be More Expensive

AC, TV, Freeze, Cooler Will Now Be More Expensive

The cost of electronic items used in the home is going to increase further. That is, due to Corona, another load is going to increase on the pockets of the already troubled people. According to media reports, now the lockdown has been lifted in most of the states. After a long time the market is opening. But the price of industrial product is going to increase very quickly. It is believed that due to the increase in heat, the demand for these products used at home is also going to increase.

Many factories were closed in the country due to the lockdown. Due to this many things were not being produced. There is also copper in this. The production of copper was also stopped in the lockdown. With the rise in demand, the price of copper has already increased. This is the reason why the price of things like TV, Freeze, Cooler, AC is bound to increase. All these things have coils in which copper is used. Experts believe that after the lockdown is lifted, the use of copper on a large scale will increase in many things. Due to this, its demand will increase continuously but the production of copper will be limited. When production is less and demand increases, then its direct effect will be on the price.

For those who think that how much copper is used in freeze, TV, it is important to know that more than half of the copper in the country is used in electronic items only. Of the total copper, 65 percent copper is used in electronic goods. After this, 25 percent is in construction, 7 percent in transport work and 3 percent in other sectors. According to media reports, there was a sharp increase in the price of copper in China after the lockdown opened. In such a situation, there is every possibility of increasing the price of copper in India.

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