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Afghanistan Crises: Firing on Taliban Oponents

Afghanistan Crises: Firing on Taliban Oponents

The Front Northern Alliance, created to save Afghanistan, has waged a war against the Taliban. The flag of the Northern Alliance is hoisted in the Panjshir Valley amid Taliban rule. This is the first time this has happened since 2001. The Afghan soldiers who had gone into hiding to escape the Taliban are now reaching Panjshir. These soldiers are gathering in Panjshir on the appeal of Ahmed Masood, son of the late Afghan politician Ahmed Shah Masood.

The Taliban is also facing opposition from the general public in many places. A similar incident has come to the fore in Jalalabad. Here people put the flag of Afghanistan in the midst of the Taliban regime, which the Taliban tried to remove and put their own flag. During this, people clashed with the Taliban and to intimidate the people, they opened fire with the Taliban, in which one person is reported to have been killed.

In Jalalabad, people have taken to the streets carrying the flag of Afghanistan. They are demanding that the current flag of Afghanistan should be retained as the national flag. Earlier on Tuesday, in Khost province bordering Pakistan, people also demonstrated with Afghan flag.

After capturing Kabul, the Taliban barged into the offices of the security agencies there and confiscated weapons. The devastation started as soon as the Taliban took over. The Taliban has blown up the statue of Hazara community leader Abdul Ali Mazari in Bamiyan. Human rights activist Salim Javed has shared this information. Let us tell you that Bamiyan is the same place where the Taliban blew up Buddha statues 20 years ago in their previous regime.

Mazari belonged to the Hazara community and was a leader of the Hizb-e-Wahdat party. He was assassinated by the Taliban in 1995. The Taliban have been targeting the Hazara community for many years. The Hazara community accounts for about 9% of the total 36 million population of Afghanistan, but instead of providing protection to these minorities, the people of this community remain the target of terrorists there. Most of the Hazaras in Bamiyan are Shia Muslims. That’s why they remain the target of Muslim fundamentalists.

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