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In a spectacular event that combined the prowess of Muay Thai with the allure of global travel, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Rajadamnern Stadium successfully hosted the final round of “AMAZING MUAYTHAI, ROAD TO RAJADAMNERN” on 22 December 2023 at the iconic Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok.

The event, co-hosted by TAT and Rajadamnern Stadium, was part of TAT’s strategy to promote experience-based tourism by showcasing Thai soft powers such as Food, Film, Festival, Fight, and Fashion. The legendary martial art of Muay Thai played a central role, with the final round featuring winners from previous competitions in Slovakia and Japan.

Mr. Nithee Seeprae, TAT Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications, expressed TAT’s commitment to enriching global visitors’ travel experiences in Thailand. “Muay Thai is well established globally as a legendary martial art, and the ‘AMAZING MUAYTHAI, ROAD TO RAJADAMNERN’ will further elevate this recognition,” he stated.

The final round in Bangkok comprised four intense fights, each featuring renowned Muay Thai fighters from the preceding rounds in Slovakia and Japan. The results of the matches were as follows:

  1. WMC Female Intercontinental Bantamweight Title: Monika Chochlikova vs. Ngaoprajan Looksaikongdin. Winner: Monika Chochlikova.
  2. WMC Asia Featherweight Title: Asahi P.K.Saenchai vs. Superman Banchamek. Winner: Asahi P.K.Saenchai.
  3. Ramu Araya vs. Petchdam Chor. Kouyuha Isuzu. Winner: Ramu Araya.
  4. Saya Ito vs. Petchplaifon Sitmink. Winner: Saya Ito.

The “AMAZING MUAYTHAI, ROAD TO RAJADAMNERN” began its journey in Trenčín, Slovakia, on 23 September 2023, followed by rounds in Yokosuka and Yokohama, Japan. The competitions garnered immense interest, with tickets sold out at each stage and over 5,000 spectators attending the final round in Bangkok.

Mr. Thienchai Phisitwuttinan, CEO of Global Sport Ventures and Executive Director of Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, expressed gratitude for hosting the historical event. “The Rajadamnern Stadium is pleased to welcome the fighters and Muay Thai fans who travel from overseas to watch and cheer on this final match,” he said.

Muay Thai’s increasing popularity among international fans is evident, with a 1,600 percent increase year-on-year in fights held at Rajadamnern Stadium over the past year. This underlines the enduring appeal of Muay Thai and the Rajadamnern Stadium as a premier destination for sports tourism.

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