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America to Ease Travel Rules for Vaccinated People

America to Ease Travel Rules for Vaccinated People

Fully vaccinated people can travel to America soon. President Joe Biden can give exemptions to foreign travelers regarding travel rules to America from November. This exemption includes those passengers who have taken vaccine doses. Regarding Corona cases, White House Coordinator Jeff Gents said that foreign nationals will be checked for full vaccination certificates before boarding the plane.

US President Joe Biden had banned the entry of foreign nationals into the country keeping in mind the Corona epidemic. Coordinator gents unveils new policy for foreign nationals to travel to the US. Giving information about the new policy, he said that the rules have been made strict by the Biden administration for those people who are returning to America without getting vaccinated. The administration is taking different steps for such people.

He told that those who are returning to America without getting vaccinated will have to undergo a corona test a day before starting the journey and within a day of reaching America. Regarding the new policy, he said that the need for people with full vaccination to stay in quarantine has been abolished.

After the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, America had banned foreign nationals from coming to its place last year i.e. in early 2020. Chinese citizens first came under this rule, but later citizens of many other countries including India and Britain also came under the purview of this rule.

At the same time, India has raised questions about the quarantine rules in Britain. According to the new rule in Britain, despite having the vaccine in India, there is a provision to keep it in quarantine for ten days on arrival there. Britain implemented this rule on 17 September. The matter came to light when Shashi Tharoor was about to go there. As soon as he got information about the new rule, he got angry and withdrew from the program to be held there.

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