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Amul Urges PM Modi To Ban PETA, For Tarnishing Dairy Industry’s Image

Amul Urges PM Modi To Ban PETA, For Tarnishing Dairy Industry’s Image

Amid an argument with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for suggesting the country’s dairy major to switch to plant-based dairy and derive “benefit from the booming vegan food and milk market”, Amul vice-chairman Valamji Humbal has urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ban the NGO over its misinformation campaign stating that it was attempting to ruin the livelihood of 10 crore people by tarnishing the Indian dairy industry’s image.

Emphasising that “organisations like PETA are part of the conspiracy to render unemployed the milk producers of India”, Humbal said the dairy sector is an important contributor to the GDP of India but the GDP can be affected adversely by misinformation spread by opportunistic elements

“To ensure that such organisations stop their activities in India, milk producers of Gujarat urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi to initiate necessary action to impose a ban on organisations which are engaged in condemnable activity of tarnishing the image of Indian dairy industry through misinformation campaign and then harm them by encouraging plants of multination companies producing synthetic milk,” he added.

“This entire episode is misinformation campaign and an attempt to break the Indian dairy industry, which is self-sufficient and thereby saves the country from the trouble of importing milk and milk products, and render unemployed 10 crore people who are relying on it,” said Humbal.

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