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#armukrainenow Trends the Internet as the Russia-Ukraine War Continues

#armukrainenow Trends the Internet as the Russia-Ukraine War Continues

#armukarinenow trends the internet

#armukrainenow trends the internet as the Russian-Ukraine war continues while US and NATO decide on arming the Ukrainian forces. The US raises concerns about the readiness of the Ukrainian forces to use advanced weapons.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky answered these concerns.

“I’ve heard these tall tales that we would need months to train our troops to use new tanks. OK, give us a Soviet-era tank,” Zelensky said in an exclusive interview with CNN.

“We are prepared to use any type of equipment, but it needs to be delivered very quickly. And we have the ability to learn how to use new equipment. But it needs to come fast.”

“I have heard many times from certain states that did not want to give us weapons quickly because our soldiers are not ready, from a technical standpoint, to use them,” he added. “But instructors of such equipment, our instructors, will get our troops ready to fight in them. If it’s a plane, for example, pilots can be ready in two weeks. Whether it’s Kamikaze drones, artillery, Howitzers, or (multiple launch rocket system) MLRS complexes, we have very smart people for these. We’ve had training with NATO countries.”


Meanwhile, in Mariupol where Russian forces are forcing Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms and surrender, the Ukrainian President assures the world they will not.

“They say they are ready to let all the military go if they surrender. But they are not going to surrender. They don’t want to do so and this is why it is a complicated and tragic situation because the military don’t want to surrender. And without it, Russians are not ready to let them go,” Zelensky said. “When you can make an agreement with Russians to let them go, unarmed, but after, what they will do is shoot them dead. That is why no one trusts Russia now.”

“We wanted to take away the wounded. We talked about it being a humanitarian mission. Give us the wounded back,” he said. “We even made plans for Turkey to be a mediator and get the wounded, civilians, and the military. They don’t let them out because we understand Russia just wants to shoot them dead.”

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