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At least 72 Killed in Kabul Airport Attack

At least 72 Killed in Kabul Airport Attack

At least 72 people have been killed in an attack on a mob by two suicide bombers and gunmen near Kabul airport in Afghanistan. Thirteen American soldiers were killed in three successive suicide attacks. While more than 60 Afghan civilians have died. According to the Kabul administration, more than 150 people were badly injured in the attack, ISIS Khorasan has claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to Indian time, at around quarter to three o’clock in the night, the US President briefed the media on the whole situation and said that the attackers will not be spared under any circumstances. As a precaution, now the security arrangements have been increased outside Kabul Airport. Joe Biden said, “The perpetrators of this attack, as well as anyone who wants to harm America, know that we will not forgive you.” We will not forget you. We will kill you, you have to pay. We will protect the interests of ourselves and our people.”

The terrorists of ISIS Khorasan have claimed that they have targeted American soldiers. America is running a massive rescue operation in Kabul. Thousands of people have gathered outside the airport and taking advantage of this crowd, the terrorists of ISIS Khorasan launched a suicide attack.

Terrorists can not carry out any such attack again in future. That is why America has strengthened its war fleet around the airport. State-of-the-art fighter aircraft F-15 and Apache helicopters have been deployed on security missions. Also, the Reaper drone has been deployed to find the terrorists from their lair.. because the Pentagon fears that ISIS Khorasan is in the process of attack again.

General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the Central Command, said, “We think that terrorists may strike again, so we are doing everything we can to deal with such attacks.” It also includes contacts with the Taliban who are actually providing the outer security cordon around the airspace.

The Taliban and Pakistan have also condemned the terrorist attack, expressing grief over the death of people in the blast. However, after this explosion, the blame game has also started. Speaking to Radio Pakistan, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed a blast at the airport, which is guarded by US troops.

The US Defense Department has claimed that the terrorist organization IS can attack with a car bomb, the danger of which is very high. Terrorists are also trying to target our aircraft. Italy has made a more intimidating claim. Italian defense sources claim that after the flight from Kabul Airport, firing was also done on the Italian military aircraft.

The coming few hours are also dangerous because two days ago Britain had warned America of the danger of attack in the G-7 meeting. On Thursday also, the threat of attack from the UK side was warned beforehand.

There is an alert of attack outside the gate of Kabul Airport, so American citizens are advised not to come towards the airport. Do not come towards the airport till further orders from the government. Despite the alert, the attack could not be averted and more than 60 innocent people succumbed to terror.

In 2012, the fighters formed a group in the area named Khorasan on the border of Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan. In 2014, this group was inclined towards ISIS and they joined the campaign of Islamic State. There are about 20 modules of ISIS, in which the most dangerous is the ISIS-K ie Khorasan faction. Khorasan has the strongest network in South Asia. The Khorasan module of ISIS is the most active at this time. This organization recruits fighters who have left the Taliban.

Makes the fighters who have left the Taliban as commanders. Recruits youth from Uzbek, Tajik, Vigor and Chechnya. The Khorasan faction is trying to build a new base in Afghanistan. The ISIS-K group has ties with al Qaeda, which also includes fighters trained by al Qaeda.

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