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Ayurveda Rule of Eating Healthy Food

Ayurveda Rule of Eating Healthy Food

Due to the changing lifestyle of today, the way of eating of every person has completely changed. Due to work pressure, we often go to sleep eating whatever we have at home to eat at night. Due to this, later people suffer from problems like indigestion, acidity, constipation etc. According to Ayurveda eating rules, eating healthy food is important for living a healthy life.

Ayurvedic rules for healthy Eating

Eat hot and fresh food

According to Ayurveda eating rules, we should avoid eating cold and stale food. There are three main natures of the body – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. We can get sick if their balance is disturbed. Along with this, eating too hot should also be avoided as it helps in increasing the pitta dosha in the body. On the other hand, cold and kept food has a bad effect on the digestive system. Therefore, after cooking the food immediately when it becomes lukewarm, then it should be consumed.

Avoid eating too much

There is a lot of Importance of eating healthy, but eating healthy is also to avoid eating too much. Many people have a habit that they eat more than they need after seeing good food. It is very harmful for the body. Due to this you can have constipation, acidity and digestive problems. It can disturb the balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Along with this, try to keep the dinner very light. Follow the above Ayurvedic rule of avoiding eating too much, to avoid having a bad stomach.

Use jaggery instead of sugar

If you are fond of eating sweets, then instead of sugar, then a healthy diet alternative of sweet is jaggery (Jaggery Health Benefits). According to Ayurveda, with its regular consumption, you get rid of the problems of gas formation in the stomach. Along with this, if you have joint pain etc., you should consume it together with ginger. This will help in getting rid of the pain. Consumption of jaggery with warm milk ends problems like cold and flu.

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