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“Badtameezee” – Arvind Kejriwal slams BJP and The Kashmir Files

“Badtameezee” – Arvind Kejriwal slams BJP and The Kashmir Files

“Badtameezee” – Arvind Kejriwal slams BJP and The Kashmir Files during a live interview. He made a comment about the famous film on its release and many took to the streets to protest.

“The protesters were people from the BJP. They came to my house, climbed the walls. My elderly parents were there. We weren’t there at home. Does anybody have the right to do this to your house?” the Delhi CM said.

“My life is not important. I keep saying, I don’t care about my life. My life is for the country. I was on a fast for 15 days — there must be some madness in me? The doctor said I wouldn’t survive. I’m a diabetes patient. But this goondagardi is not good for the country,” he added, asserting that he was not worried about any threat to his life.

Mr. Kejriwal accused BJP leaders of “promoting” The Kashmir Files and had responded to a demand to make the film tax-free saying the makers should upload the film on YouTube.

He went on to say that the BJP was “not really worried” about Kashmiri Pandits.

“When the genocide happened, who’s government was in power? It was the BJP’s. It was their Governor- Jagmohan. The BJP was in the state and at the Centre then. They have done injustice with Kashmiri Pandits. Not even one family has been rehabilitated. After so many years, they come and say – we are making a film on you – and then they make money out of it. This is badtameezee (insolence). It’s like you are rubbing salt on their wounds. If I was in their place, I would try to rehabilitate the Kashmiri Pandits. I have spoken to many Kashmiri Pandits, they are angry with the BJP,” Mr. Kejriwal said.

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