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Bali will Reopen to International Tourists from October 14

Bali will Reopen to International Tourists from October 14

WBali is one of the most beautiful islands in Asia, every year millions of sailors from all over the world come here to spend their holidays, but for the last two years it was temporarily closed due to Corona, but the island of Bali has to come from some countries. It is being partially reopened for passengers. This has been confirmed by Indonesia’s government minister Luhut Panjaitan. The Indonesian government will reopen its resort island of Bali to international tourists from October, amid a steady decline in the number of new COVID-19 cases in the country. From October 14, South Korea, China, Japan, the United Arab Emirates Ngura Rai International Airport will open for arrivals from , Dubai and New Zealand.

However, Australia is not included in this list. Which is an important tourism market for Indonesia before the pandemic.

The minister has not confirmed that “Ngura Rai Airport in Bali will open internationally on October 14, as long as it meets the provisions and requirements of quarantine, COVID-19 tests and readiness of the task force.” Applicable only to those with a residence permit. However, all arrivals must show proof of booking a quarantine hotel for at least 8 days, which they will have to pay for themselves.

Indonesia is emerging from a devastating wave of the highly contagious Delta variant, which at one point in July saw the country report more than 56,000 new infections a day. With all non-essential businesses closed and movement restricted, the most affected areas were plunged into lockdown.

The island of Bali, usually a huge tourist attraction, has been ravaged by the pandemic, souring its normally thriving tourism industry. However, infection rates are now falling as the government accelerates its vaccine rollout, and restrictions are easing, with cinemas, offices and shopping centers reopening at reduced capacity and on-site learning in some schools. is starting again. Yesterday, Indonesia reported 88 Covid-related deaths and 922 new infections.

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