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Bangkok Ranked No1 Workation City in the World

Bangkok Ranked No1 Workation City in the World

The Tourism Authority of Thailand announced a survey conducted by the German holiday search engine Holidu, in which Bangkok has been ranked number one. Ranked as the number one city in the world for ‘Work’. Along with Bangkok, Phuket is also included in this list at 10th place.

In this survey, the Workation Index evaluated 150 cities around the world using a variety of metrics. They measure the cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment, cost of cocktails after a long workday, Wi-Fi speed, hours of sunshine each day, leisure activities available.

Bangkok topped the survey based on various attractions and activities, affordable cost of living, high quality amenities, number of proficient English speakers, and a number of international companies with offices in the city. Hollidu recognized the financial and cultural benefits of working in a Thai city, saying that both Bangkok and Phuket offer an attractive balance of quality of life and affordability.

The Governor of TAT celebrated the accolade, saying it was a matter of pride for the whole of Thailand. The list represents a growing population of people who are working overseas, breaking away from the traditional work environment, and looking for exciting places like Bangkok and Phuket to vacation and mix their work. Really happy to know that out of 150 cities Bangkok and Phuket got this position

TAT’s endorsement of the ranking for people working remotely in Thai cities comes at a time when Thailand is reconsidering its laws and visa restrictions on remote workers or digital nomads, activities that are currently technically prohibited. and exist in a legal gray area. But a digital nomadic visa was recently proposed among several other new visa and immigration schemes to help the country’s ravaged tourism industry attract more affluent long-term travelers to Thailand. Thailand has always welcomed its tourists with an open heart.

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