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Beautiful Churches of India

Beautiful Churches of India

You must have visited many places in India. Let us tell you that there are many such beautiful and famous churches in India, to see which people come here not only from the country but also from abroad. People go here and enjoy their beauty. Along with this, people also go here and pray. So let us tell you about many such churches in India, whose beauty you can surely enjoy a lot.

St. Andrews Basilica Church Arthunkal
There are many such churches in India, which makes your heart happy to see. One such church is St Andrew’s Basilica Church. It is considered to be the largest church of St. Sebastian. This church was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. This church is located in Kerala and is known as the Shrine of St. Sebastian’s International Arthural. A large number of tourists arrive here every year, and know about its beauty and history.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata
Kolkata is considered to be a very beautiful city. From food and drink to travel, people like everything here a lot. Every year a large number of tourists reach here. The foundation of this church was laid in 1839, and was completed in the year 1842. St. Paul’s Cathedral Church was built by the British. An attempt has been made to build this church by Indian Shauli. Tourists are also surprised to see the beauty of this church.

Christ Church, Shimla
Whenever we talk of mountains, then the thought of Shimla definitely comes in front of us. Here people go to enjoy the unique views of nature. Here Christ Church is located on Mall Road, which is yellow in color. It is said about this church that it is the second oldest church in North India. It is decorated every year on the occasion of Christmas. The tourists who reach Shimla to visit, they definitely go to Christ Church.

Velankanni Church, Velankanni
If you go to visit Bengal then you must also visit Velankanni Church once. People also like the beauty of this church. Every year a large number of tourists arrive to visit Bengal. It is said about Bengal that this place is very beautiful, just like this church is also very beautiful to see. Its grandeur is worth seeing.

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