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Beauty hacks during monsoon for skin and hair

Beauty hacks during monsoon for skin and hair

beauty hacks for skin and hair during monsoon

Monsoon is just here! You might be enjoying rain but excessive humidity can also harm your hair and skin. So, it is quite important to save your skin and hair. We are discussing some of the beauty hacks that will help you to maintain the beauty of skin and hair this monsoon. Here are more related articles on skin care: Skin care tip for acnes, 5 home Remedies for that glowing skin, Benefits of Red wine for health, Skin & Weight Loss.  .

Without further ado, let’s begin with the beauty hacks for your skin and hair during monsoon

Avoid excessive application of hair products– You are recommended to avoid the use of heavy products that can make your hair look dull. It is perfect not to use styling products. But nourishing and light-weight Argan Oil can increase the beauty of your hair. You can experiment hairstyle with a natural texture of hair. It is one of the best ways to avoid the product. You can go for a simple bun or braid.

Beauty hacks for skin and hair during monsoon

Smudge-proof– It is quite dangerous if the make- up meltdown from your face. This occurs in hot and humid weather. You can use a light foundation with a BB cream. You can also apply CC cream in the place of a heavy foundation. It will provide adequate coverage. You can also make a smear-proof base by using facial oils.

Simple makeup on your eyes– Avoid going for smoky eyes, you can go for natural kohl pencil. Even the waterproof eyeliner can be used. You can also opt for waterproof mascara in this rainy season. You can use light or heavy mascara as per the requirement. You can go for multipurpose face oil and plant oil for making lashes longer and thicker.

Bright side- Always keeps colors in contrast with skin tone. It is quite a nice distraction from your dull skin. Also, wear aqua or bright lipstick in this rainy season.

Nourish and moisturize– It is quite important to moisturize your skin. You can apply face oil for making your skin glow in this monsoon. Also, apply argan oil with a hair mask for avoiding frizzy hair. You can prepare the mask by using argan oil, honey, yogurt, rosemary essential oil, and milk. You can pamper yourself once in a week and give your hair a lustrous look.

Protect yourself from the Sun– You don’t like to place layers of various products on the face. The products like rose, Argan, and Camellia Serum with natural sunscreen must be used to protect from the Sun. These products will offer the right quantity of moisture.

Feet need care- The rainwater can result in many skin infections and irritations. So, you must take care of your foot. If your feet get drenched in rainwater then you must clean them with water. Also, soak then in hot water for some time and scrub the dirt with a foot cream.

Mist– Facial mists and toners are perfect beauty hack for your skin to use in this humid and hot season. Toners are important as they support to shrink pores. You can also clean the skin gently. Using toner two times in a day can change your skin and it will keep glowing.

Mask– Monsoon leads to sticky face and clogged pores. You can go for face masks. The face masks help to remove tan and impurities. They also support in tightening of pores and nourishing the skin. There are various face masks for every kind of skin.

Sunscreen is important in this monsoon– Whatever the season is; you must apply sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays. You can go for a sunscreen of a minimum SPF of 20. It helps to protect skin from the Sun and prevent skin damage. Also, prevent the formation of wrinkles and aging. You can carry sunscreen and apply it every few hours.

Hot oil for beautiful hair- In the rainy season, hair becomes rough, dry, and dull. If you want to retain moisture of hair then you can massage your hair with hot oil 1 hour before the shampoo.

Drink adequate water– You must drink adequate water if you want your skin to look younger, glowing, and radiant. Minimum 8-10 glasses of water are required to eliminate toxins from the body.

Green tea– Green tea is rich in antioxidants. It helps to delay the aging process. It also helps to make your skin look younger and glowing.

Good diet- A healthy diet plays an important role in maintaining a good diet. The right kinds of food are required for healthy hair and skin. You must eat green vegetables, seasonal fruits, and nuts. You can also take vegetables such as carrot, cucumber, and radish.

Go for colorful outfits- You must wear colorful outfits with vibrant and bright colors. It will increase your mood. And when you will become happy then your skin will glow. You can wear colors such as orange, red, blue, and yellow and will make you look beautiful and young.

Tinted lip balms- The monsoons look dry, chapped, and dehydrated. So, you must keep lip balm always with you. Applying lip balm brings the moisture back. You can also add color to your lip. If you don’t want to use lip balm then you can go for moisturizing matte color.

Body mist– The monsoon can make your skin look dull. You must use body mist to keep your skin glowing. The rose water in a body mist will be a useful one. The smell of rose will bring strength and harmony and balance in the body. It will hydrate, rejuvenate, and nourish the skin.

We have discussed various beauty hacks that will help to keep your hair and skin rejuvenated and moisturized. So, you must follow these hacks and keep your skin glowing. The rainy season makes your skin and hair look dull and dehydrated. Your skin and hair become lifeless. So, it is required to make your skin and hair look bright and full of life.

These hacks will help to improve the texture of your skin and hair. So, don’t take tension and just use these beauty hacks. Avoid using heavy make -up and heavy chemicals on face and hair. Just enjoy monsoon season and implement these beauty hacks.

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