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Biden administration imposed emergency

Biden administration imposed emergency

The Biden administration has declared a state of emergency following a cyber attack on America’s largest oil pipeline. Colonel Pipeline Company supplies 25 million barrels of oil per day. From here, petrol, diesel and other gases in states located along the east coast of the US go through this pipeline.

The cyber security of this pilot was attacked by hackers on Friday, which is yet to be recovered. Oil and gas can be supplied to New York through recovery tankers. This will affect Atlanta and Tennessee the most. After some time, the effect can be seen up to New York. By Sunday night the company’s 4 main lines had come to a standstill.
International oil prices can rise by 2 to 3% due to cyber attack. If this is not rectified soon, then there may be an increase in prices.

The cyber attack is being blamed on a gang of cyber criminals named Darkside. They hacked the Colonial Company’s network and stole around 100GB of data. The hackers also locked up some computers and demand ransom.

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