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Biological E Set For Covid Vaccine Rollout By August

Biological E Set For Covid Vaccine Rollout By August

To meet the demand of vaccine in the country, the Government of India has given 1500 crore rupees in advance to Biological-E, a reputed company of Hyderabad. People will start getting the Biological E vaccine from August. The Union Health Ministry has given this information. According to the ministry, the government has decided to buy 30 crore doses of this vaccine being prepared by Biological-E. The company will supply 300 million doses of the vaccine between August and December. In this way, six crore additional vaccines will be available to the people every month from August.

The biological company is already working with four vaccines including Johnson & Johnson. The research done on these four vaccines will be useful on its own vaccine. The company aims to manufacture one billion vaccines. The company will prepare 600 million vaccines by 2022.

Biological-E’s Kovid-19 vaccine is currently undergoing Phase III clinical trials. Better results were found in the first and second clinical trials. The vaccine has been developed by Biological-E on mRNA technology, which is an RBD protein sub-unit vaccine. It is likely that its trials will be completed during June-July and the approval of the government regulator will also be received. After this, its use in vaccination will start from August.

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