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BMA Launches Health Project, Aims to Screen One Million Bangkok Residents

BMA Launches Health Project, Aims to Screen One Million Bangkok Residents

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has taken a significant step towards enhancing public health by initiating a groundbreaking project aimed at screening a minimum of one million Bangkok residents for various health issues. The announcement was made during the third Bangkok Health Market, a community health event hosted at the Lan Khon Muang grounds in front of City Hall on Sunday morning.

The event, inaugurated by Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt, saw the participation of around 1,000 BMA officials and city residents. Governor Chadchart expressed his optimism that the residents of Bangkok would take full advantage of the free health screening services offered across all 50 districts of the city.

The ambitious project, slated to continue until June of next year, is a collaborative effort between the BMA and its partners. The primary objective is to detect health problems at an early stage, facilitating timely and effective treatment.

“We want to encourage at least a million city residents to undergo health screening by June next year,” stated Governor Chadchart. “This proactive approach will enable us to identify health issues before they escalate, ensuring that individuals receive the necessary care promptly.”

Various health-related services were provided at the Health Market, addressing concerns such as office syndrome, hypertension, diabetes, heart issues, brain issues, vascular diseases, HIV, and mental health evaluations. Participants diagnosed with specific conditions were issued certifications, making them eligible for state aid.

Representatives from the BMA’s Medical Service Department, medical universities, district offices, the Public Health Ministry, the National Health Security Office, the Social Security Office, and private partners were also present at the event.

Governor Chadchart urged attendees to spread the word about the free health screening services, emphasizing that the screening services would be available at all BMA hospitals and health clinics. Furthermore, these services will be launched in different communities every month to ensure widespread accessibility.

The Sunday event concluded at 3 pm, marking a significant step forward in the BMA’s commitment to promoting public health and well-being among the residents of Bangkok.

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