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Bomb Blast at Mosque Gate in Kabul

Bomb Blast at Mosque Gate in Kabul

The situation in Afghanistan does not seem to be returning to normal. After the departure of America, there is a Taliban rule in the country, but even after this, terrorist incidents are not decreasing. A bomb blast at the entrance of a mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, has killed ‘several civilians’.

The incident of the blast has been confirmed by Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid. Prayers were to be made on the death of Mujahid’s mother near the mosque. The terrorists have targeted this prayer meeting itself. Mujahid’s mother passed away a few days back. The Islamic State (Khorasan) is being suspected of carrying out this attack.

The man who ran the shop near the mosque told AFP that there was firing after the blast. Shortly before the incident, Taliban fighters blocked the road. The injured have been admitted to the emergency hospital in Shahar-e-Nav area. The hospital has issued a statement saying that 4 patients were brought for treatment.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. However, attacks by the Islamic State terror group have increased since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in mid-August. In such a situation, the possibility of further deepening of the conflict between the two extremist groups has increased.

Gunmen shot dead two Taliban fighters and two civilians in the Afghan city of Jalalabad on Saturday. A Taliban official gave this information. Nangarhar province’s cultural officer Mohammad Hanif said two other people were also injured in the attack.

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