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Boris Johnson – Four Senior Aides Resign

Boris Johnson – Four Senior Aides Resign

Boris Johnson seems to be facing a serious problem as four senior aides resign from No. 10 Downing Street. Policy head Munira Mirza, director of communications Jack Doyle, chief of staff Dan Rosenfield, and civil servant Martin Reynolds.

The top aides’ resignation does not look good for the PM. Boris Johnson is currently facing questions regarding the parties held at Downing Street. The parties were while the lockdown measures an in place.

Mr. Doyle stated, “recent weeks have taken a terrible toll on my family life”. Ms. Mirza quit over the PM’s false claim that Sir Keir Starmer failed to prosecute Jimmy Savile. She believed that this was not right and the PM should apologize for it.

Supportive MPs took these resignations as Boris Johnson “fixing the problem” referring to the culture of Downing Street. Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner however thinks differently. “With [Mr. Johnson’s] senior advisers and aides quitting, perhaps it is finally time for him to look in the mirror and consider if he might just be the problem.”

With Sue Gray’s report looming over the PM, these resignations were unwelcomed. This has been a total meltdown of Downing Street. Aside from the senior civil servant’s reports, the government is also facing backlash over increasing prices. By April, utilities are expected to increase by £600 annually which pushes more families into debt. The UK has been facing an increased cost of living since pricing caps have been adjusted. There will be a government subsidy but it will still come as a loan. Many worries as April approaches.

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