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Boris Johnson is Set to Face the MP’s over Party Gate

Boris Johnson is Set to Face the MP’s over Party Gate

Boris Johnson is set to face the MP’s over the party gate scandal since he was fined by the police.  Grant Shapps said the PM did not “knowingly” mislead Parliament.

The transport secretary said: “When the PM spoke in Parliament he didn’t knowingly appreciate that stepping into the room there was going to be something which breached the rules.”

“It was wrong, he’s apologized, he’s accepted the fixed penalty notice and we move on.”

Last year, Boris said he was not aware that this gathering violates the set COVID rules at that time. Some senior aides contradict this statement by releasing emails that show he was warned it was a violation. At the height of the scandal, 4 senior aides quit their posts.

Party gate is a series of parties that was held at No. 10 Downing street at that time the UK was on a lockdown. The UK government released guidelines detailing that indoor gathering of more than 2 people are not allowed. Many followed the rules including the Royal Family who at that time, unfortunately, held a funeral for Prince Philip. It was noted by many media publications that Queen Elizabeth sat alone during the funeral to follow the rules. Also, the people allowed to attend were very limited and all COVID measures like social distancing and wearing masks were implemented.

At the same time as the funeral was taking place, Johnson and a number of staff members held a party at the No. 10 house. The gatherings allegedly involved drinking and no measures were in place.

Johnsons was also criticized for holding a party on his birthday while many people in the Uk could not even hold a funeral for their loved ones. Many died alone while he was partying with his staff.

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