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Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister is Facing a Backlash on COVID Parties

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister is Facing a Backlash on COVID Parties

Boris Johnson is now facing a demand from his fellow politicians. They want him to answer if he attended the parties on Downing Street during the COVID lockdown in 2020.

An email was leaked online regarding an invite for about 100 staff members to join a drinking party. The party is said to be held at the UK Prime Minister’s residence. The email was sent by the PM’s head private secretary. Photos of the PM with his ex-fiancee also surfaced. They were seated on a table filled with bottles of wine.

House of Commons is heating up as Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner warned [PM Boris Johnson] “can run but can’t hide” from the investigation of the matter. Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson must quit if found to break the COVID protocols.

The Prime Minister declined to comment on any of the statements. He will be facing an inquiry on Wednesday.

Witnesses have also claimed that they have seen the prime minister and his wife attend the drinks. They were among 30 people who were present at the party. This was when lockdown restrictions were in place. The restriction states that not more than 2 people must be present in a gathering.

Senior civil servant, Sue Gary is currently conducting investigations. There were no findings reported as of the moment. 

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