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Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali’s Artwork Auctioned for Nearly $1 Million

Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali’s Artwork Auctioned for Nearly $1 Million

Sketches and paintings of American boxing legend Muhammad Ali, also known worldwide as Muhammad Ali, sold for nearly US$1 million at an auction in New York City. One of the most anticipated drawings was the drawing “Sting Like a Bee” which sold for $425,000, which is 10 times its pre-purchase cost.

On 3 December 2012, American boxing legend Mohammed Ali was crowned as the “King of Boxing” at the World Boxing Council’s 50th Convention in Cancun. The former world heavyweight champion not only inspired budding players by becoming the greatest player of all time, but also inspired fans with his values. He was globally famous not only because of his awesomeness of the ring but also because of his activism towards civil rights.

Ali always used to say, “I am the greatest.” And few people might have disagreed with him. He was born as Cassius Marcellus Clay, but after defeating Liston to win the heavyweight title in 1964, he surprised the boxing world by announcing that he was a member of the Black Muslims (Country of Islam) and later changed his name to Changed. After this the world kept knowing him only by the name of Muhammad Ali.

Ali’s interest in sketching was nurtured by his father Cassius Clay Snr, a professional artist. Growing up, Ali continued to informally paint and draw on subjects closest to his heart, including boxing, civil rights, world peace and humanism. He later took art lessons from sports artist Leroy Nieman.

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