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Brahma Temple: The Most Famous Temple of Lord Brahma in the World

Brahma Temple: The Most Famous Temple of Lord Brahma in the World

Brahma Temple

In equal measure, pilgrims and tourists are drawn to the small, serene Rajasthani town- Pushkar. They travel here for the serene surroundings, the holy lake, and the divine Brahma Temple. Despite being one of the Trimurti of India, Brahma only has one notable temple in the entire country that is devoted to him. You can find multiple explanations behind the same. But in Pushkar they say, it was Brahma’s wife Savitri who cursed him!

Belief Behind the Brahma Temple in Pushkar

According to this legend, Brahma requested his wife Savitri’s company when he planned a yajna in Pushkar after killing a demon named Vajranabha. But, Savitri wasn’t available on the right momenfor the ritual. So, he married Gayatri, a stunning young local girl, for the puja. When Savitri heard about it, she hurried to the location and cursed her husband Brahma by declaring that Pushkar would be the location of the sole temple built in his honour.

The temple is close to the revered Pushkar Lake, is a very popular tourist destination. Many people go there, particularly on the auspicious day of Kartik Poornima.

A Perfect Example of Magnificent Architecture

The well-known Brahma temple in Pushkar is a completely marble building with temple architecture influenced by the South. It was built in the beginning of fourteenth century. Indian Mythology, however, holds that this temple’s beginnings were 2000 years ago.

The temple’s entrance, which is adorned with pillared canopies and is built on an elevated platform, is accessible through marble stairs.

After entering, you will arrive at the Mandapa, a pillared outdoor hall. The Mandapa is further away from the sanctum sanctorum (Garbhagriha). The figure of Lord Brahma sitting cross-legged is located in the centre of the Garbhagriha. Additionally, there are images of the Lord of Preservation (Vishnu), gliding Garuda (the eagle man), and Dvarapalas inside the Pushkar Brahma temple (gate-keepers)

On the mount of the temple, the building displays a red spire (shikara) from the outside. To further enhance the beauty of its exteriors, a Hamsa (goose or swan) sign is included alongside this.

But no words can do justice to the actual beauty of this aesthetic temple! YOU MUST VISIT!

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