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BS Yediyurappa to Resign From Karnataka CM Post

BS Yediyurappa to Resign From Karnataka CM Post

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa may resign from his post soon. The reason behind the resignation has been cited as old age and ill health. However, Yediyurappa has denied this. Yediyurappa has dismissed the rumors of his resignation saying that it is not true at all.

Due to increasing age and ill health, it is not possible for him to continue as the Chief Minister now. During his meeting with PM Modi on Friday, he had offered to resign citing old age and ill health. Today he met BJP President JP. Here also Yediyurappa reiterated his point. After this, the party high command has assured him that soon a decision will be taken on the next Chief Minister of Karnataka. Legislature party meeting will be held soon. Till then Yediyurappa will continue in his post. Sources have revealed that Yediyurappa has also placed a condition in front of the high command. He has demanded a post in the Union Cabinet for his son in return for his resignation.

Who will be the next Chief Minister of Karnataka after Yediyurappa? The chief minister’s name will be decided in a day or two. The most prominent name in the chief minister’s race is that of Prahlad Joshi. Prahlad Joshi is a cabinet minister in the Modi government. He is an MP from North Karnataka. BL Santosh is the second big name after Prahlad Joshi. BL Santosh has been the organization minister for a long time and is currently the national organization minister of BJP. Very good administrators are considered ministers. Apart from these, Deputy CM Laxman Savadi, BJP leaders Murgesh Nirani and Vasavaraj Etnal are also contenders for the Chief Minister.

In the year 2018, BJP emerged as the single largest party in Karnataka. But BJP could not become its own CM. BJP became active in Karnataka after the Modi government came to the center for the second time. Congress and JDS MLAs resigned in Karnataka. After this BJP brought a no-confidence motion and on 26 July 2019, BS Yediyurappa became the CM of Karnataka. For the last several months, complaints are being made about Yediyurappa’s work, after which Arun Singh, in-charge of Karnataka BJP went to Karnataka last month. Arun Singh had come to meet CM Yediyurappa and other ministers of Karnataka.

There are total 224 assembly seats in Karnataka. In the 2018 assembly elections, BJP emerged as the single largest party with 119 seats. But it was slightly less than the majority. Congress won 68 seats and JDS 32 seats. Two seats had come in the account of others.

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