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Calling All Wanderlusters: Bangkok Welcomes the 2nd Extraordinary Travel Festival!

Calling All Wanderlusters: Bangkok Welcomes the 2nd Extraordinary Travel Festival!

Bangkok, Thailand – Hold onto your passports, because the travel event of a lifetime is coming to the vibrant and bustling city of Bangkok from 15th to 17th November 2024! The 2nd Extraordinary Travel Festival (ETF) is all set to bring together the world’s most avid, accomplished, and adventurous “mega” travelers for three days of inspiration, exploration, and unforgettable experiences.

Organized by the illustrious travel photographer, podcaster, blogger, and filmmaker Ric Gazarian, the ETF 2024 promises to be an extraordinary gathering where seasoned globetrotters share their wisdom, tales, and passion for the road less traveled. Gazarian, a true globetrotting aficionado himself, is the brains behind this epic event and is dedicated to creating a platform where passionate travelers can connect and learn from each other.

At ETF 2024 in Bangkok, you can expect to be captivated by over 20 awe-inspiring speakers who will engage, inform, and inspire attendees through a dynamic mix of keynotes, breakout sessions, and panels. These charismatic speakers will share their insights on various aspects of travel, including strategies for visiting all 193 of the world’s sovereign countries, a remarkable achievement attained by fewer than 300 known individuals worldwide. But the Festival isn’t just for those pursuing country-collecting; it’s for all explorers with diverse ambitions and motivations for seeing more of the world.

Imagine a congregation of modern-day Marco Polos sharing their extraordinary tales and wisdom in a single location! As Gazarian puts it, “The energy, enthusiasm, and vast knowledge exchanged about travel and country-collecting at the first event was like nothing I’ve seen before.”

Some of the standout speakers at the ETF in Bangkok will include:

  • Thor Pedersen, the globetrotter who recently completed his 10-year journey to every country in the world without flying.
  • Barry Hoffner, the philanthropist who has built 17 schools in the fabled city of Timbuktu.
  • Renee Bruns, the intrepid traveler who has explored over 130 countries in a wheelchair.

But the ETF isn’t just about the speakers; it’s about the incredible community of mega travelers coming together to share their passion and knowledge. The event will feature representatives from the largest mega-travel clubs, including Every Passport Stamp, NomadMania, and Travel Massive, showcasing their impressive memberships.

Gazarian explains, “Our intention with creating this event was to strengthen this incredible community of mega travelers by bringing us together in one place, while sharing strategies for advising and inspiring the travel fans who follow us. Many of us explore the world as solo travelers, but we are far from alone in wanting to spread the word about the eye-opening power of going further in our travels, farther, and more often.”

Following the resounding success of the first ETF, where 100% of attendees expressed their desire to return and invite friends, the second edition in Bangkok is poised to be even more spectacular. Last year’s event attracted attendees from six continents, ranging from adventurous 20-year-olds to seasoned travelers in their 80s, with a 60:40 gender split.

In addition to the insightful sessions, attendees can look forward to lively parties, a glamorous gala dinner, and the option to explore Greater Bangkok and the surrounding region. This event is your opportunity to connect with like-minded travelers, gain valuable insights, and be inspired to embark on your own extraordinary adventures.

Don’t miss out on this epic gathering of the world’s most dedicated travelers! Secure your spot at the 2nd Extraordinary Travel Festival in Bangkok by visiting Use the promotional code BANGKOK for an exclusive discount. Pack your bags and get ready to dive into the extraordinary world of travel like never before!

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