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Cathay Pacific Adapts Operations for Chinese New Year After Disruptions

Cathay Pacific Adapts Operations for Chinese New Year After Disruptions

Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s flagship airline, has implemented strategic changes to its flight schedule and workforce ahead of the upcoming Chinese New Year travel peak, following recent disruptions that affected thousands of travelers. The adjustments come in the wake of the carrier’s efforts to recover from pandemic challenges and expand its employee base.

To address operational disruptions experienced at the end of the year, Cathay Pacific has taken the following measures:

  1. Flight Reduction: The airline has cut at least 12 daily flights scheduled for the remaining days of January and throughout February. This decision is aimed at minimizing disruptions during the high-demand Chinese New Year travel period.
  2. Pilot Standby Increase: Recognizing the importance of a robust workforce, Cathay Pacific has expanded its pilot standby numbers. This move is intended to enhance operational resilience and prevent staffing complications during the peak travel season.

Cathay Pacific’s CEO, Ronald Lam, reassured passengers in a statement, stating, “We have taken measures to ensure Cathay Pacific’s flights will operate normally for the coming Chinese New Year travel peak. Hong Kong people travelling out and visitors coming to Hong Kong can be reassured that their travel will go ahead as planned.”

Despite the disruptions experienced in December, the airline is determined to provide uninterrupted travel services during the Chinese New Year period.

Addressing Passenger Concerns:

Affected passengers who had booked itineraries involving the canceled flights will be contacted individually. Cathay Pacific is offering these passengers alternatives, such as protection on the closest available flights or a refund.

Pilot Shortage Challenges:

Cathay Pacific attributed the previous month’s flight cancellations to pilot absences due to sickness and is concurrently grappling with a significant pilot shortage. Approximately 50% of its pre-pandemic workforce has been retained, leading the airline to review its flight schedule and increase pilot standby levels to mitigate operational challenges.

Reputation Management:

With the recent disruptions and the airline’s slower recovery compared to global counterparts, concerns have been raised about Cathay Pacific’s reputation. An editorial in the South China Morning Post suggested a careful examination of the recent issues and emphasized the importance of measures to prevent a recurrence.

Workforce Expansion Plans:

As part of its recovery strategy, Cathay Pacific aims to expand its employee size by 5,000 workers in the current year. The expansion includes the recruitment of cabin crew and cadet pilots, as well as the successful re-invitation of nearly 2,000 former employees who were previously laid off as a cost-cutting measure during the pandemic.

In response to the recent challenges, Cathay Pacific stated, “The airline has learned from this experience and, in addition to the short-term measures described, will make the necessary changes to ensure future operational stability.”

As Cathay Pacific continues its rebuilding efforts, the airline remains committed to providing customers with more flight choices in a measured and reliable manner. Passengers are advised to stay updated on the airline’s communications for any further developments.

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