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Central’s 76th Anniversary Flower Festival Celebration

Central’s 76th Anniversary Flower Festival Celebration

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for an unforgettable affair as we celebrate Central’s 76th Anniversary Flower Festival. The cosmopolitan synergy of Central Embassy and Central Chidlom Department Store returns to orchestrate an event that promises not just floral exuberance but an experience imbued with sophistication and wonder.

Intriguingly, each flower featured in this year’s floral extravaganza has been handpicked to symbolize profound emotions and values. Love, courage, friendship, motivation, thrill, and contentment will take center stage, embodying the very essence of what Central has gifted to its patrons over the past 76 years.

Featured Partners

Adding an extra layer of glamour, Central Embassy has partnered with two notable entities. “Miracle of Natural” is all set to display a captivating collection of tulips, offering visitors the opportunity to not just admire but also acquire these exquisite blooms. Simultaneously, the renowned “Air Orchid” farm will unveil a special segment of orchids – the enigmatic “Alien Group,” providing a visual treat that is seldom witnessed.

Open Market: Blooms & Brew Matcha & Flower Market

The pièce de résistance of this festival is the “Open Market: Blooms & Brew Matcha & Flower Market” hosted at Level 6, Open House, Central Embassy. A testament to sophistication and allure, this unique marketplace melds the charm of green tea with the grace of flowers. Workshops abound, catering to various artistic inclinations, from the art of flower arrangement to the delicate nuances of tea tasting. It’s an immersive experience where you can learn, create, and revel in the beauty of both nature and art.

Mark Your Calendar

The Central 76th Anniversary Flower Festival is slated to run from October 26th to October 30th, 2023, at the splendid venues of Central Chidlom and Central Embassy. It’s an event that epitomizes sophistication and promises an opportunity to embark on a floral sojourn unlike any other. As you savor this elegant experience, you’ll become a part of a legacy that venerates beauty and cultural opulence.

Central’s 76th Anniversary Flower Festival is a celebration not only of Central’s illustrious history but also a toast to the wonders of nature and the eloquence of the language of flowers. It’s a realm where emotions are articulated through petals, friendships are kindled amidst a kaleidoscope of blossoms, and cultural richness is celebrated through a mosaic of global flora. As you save the date for this splendid event, prepare to be enchanted by the enchanting symphony of nature and the artistic virtuosity of humankind, all unfolding at the heart of Bangkok’s vibrant lifestyle scene.

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