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Centre Objects to Twitter’s ‘Manipulated Media’ Tag on Toolkit Tweets

Centre Objects to Twitter’s ‘Manipulated Media’ Tag on Toolkit Tweets

Regarding the ‘Toolkit’ case where the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress are face to face. At the same time, Twitter declared a tweet by BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra as ‘Manipulated Media’ tag, after which the government became an attacker. The Ministry of Communications has expressed reservations on Twitter for being given the tag of ‘media distorted by the tweet of BJP leaders’.

The ministry told Twitter that the matter is under investigation, so that it should remove the tweet of BJP leaders in the ‘Toolkit’ case from the ‘category of distorted media’. The Ministry of Communications said that Twitter cannot give its verdict until the matter is under investigation. Such action by Twitter questions his credibility.

Sambit Patra had a tweet on May 18, in which he claimed that the Congress party was working to distort the image of Prime Minister Modi in the midst of the Corona crisis through a toolkit. According to Twitter’s policy, if you have tweeted any information and its source is not accurate and the information available in it is also wrong, then such a label is put. These labels can be placed on videos, tweets, photos or any other content.

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