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Charity Activity ‘Spread Smiles’ by Lions Club, Silom

Charity Activity ‘Spread Smiles’ by Lions Club, Silom

Lions Club, Silom has successfully completed their charity activity ‘SPREAD SMILES’ on 28th June 2021 under the leadership of President Lion Aakriti Sultania.

They were able to provide necessities packs for 400+ kids living in the 4 most-affected slums in Bangkok under the care of ‘Foundation for Slum Childcare ‘ in Ladprao. They were honored by the presence of our District Governor, Lion Succhitra Searmbhoompaisa along with many dignitaries from the District.

They received tremendous support from our Lions Club, Silom members, District Lions as well as various organizations, groups, and individuals outside the Lions club. Finally, they gave big thanks to all our kind donors and sponsors for their contributions to this project which includes IAT, SS Travels, Sathya Sai Foundation, Singh Madam Foundation, MYM Thailand, Indo Thai News, Aditya Birla Group, Precious Learners World, Dr.Sonic Engineering, Indian Community Group – Mighties.

The Kids kit contained: 150 pieces JumboArt Kit, Big size Drawing Book, Small hand towel, Big Bubble blowers, Kids Toothbrush, Kids Socks, Adult size socks, Reusable Kids Mask + cartoon neck strap, Adult masks pack, Sanitizer spray bottle ( 100ml), lunchbox, pencil case, Rice pack and many more.

“Due to ongoing tragic Pandemic situation, everyone’s life has been in a bit of turmoil. But it’s more tragic and painful for these daily wage workers and low-income communities living in the slums who have lost their jobs, and barely have enough to make both ends meet. We are thankful that the Lions club, Silom’s team could work together and make this charity drive possible. Lions club, Silom was able to donate goods worth around 140,000 Baht to this foundation under this project.” Lion Club Team wrote on their Facebook Page.

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