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China Occupies Nepal’s Land

China Occupies Nepal’s Land

China, the neighboring country of India and Nepal, has occupied hundreds of hectares of land in Nepal. Due to which protests are taking place in Nepal. In the capital Kathmandu, youths came out on the streets raising slogans of ‘China go back’. People’s anger against China is increasing continuously in Nepal. People are demanding to return the Nepalese land which China has occupied.

China constructed buildings on Nepal’s land

China has occupied about 150 hectares of land in Nepal. Chinese occupation of Nepalese land has taken place from Limi Lapcha to Hilsa in Humla district. China has constructed 10-11 buildings in Humla. All the buildings are built within 2 kilometers of the Nepalese border. An inquiry into Chinese occupation was also done by the Chief District Officer of Humla. It has been found in the investigation that it is absolutely correct to build Chinese buildings on Nepalese land. After this, slogans of China Go Back have started in Nepal.

Demonstrations are taking place in Nepal against this occupation of China. Especially the youth of Nepal are taking out loud rallies against China. China occupied more than 150 hectares of land in Humla, Nepal, soon after the Chinese army clashed with India in Galwana last year. Then Nepal was ruled by KP Sharma Oli. When the dispute escalated, the Chinese embassy issued a statement and said that there is no border dispute between Nepal and China. After this, when the government changed in Nepal, Sher Bahadur Deuba became the Prime Minister of Nepal. After which he took a big step regarding this. A high level committee was formed to investigate the Chinese occupation. Sher Bahadur Deuba himself took the decision to form the committee. This committee will report on all border disputes with China.

China tried its best to suppress the matter, but it could not happen. Not only this, China also changed the pillars which were installed on the border. According to the Nepalese investigation, China has changed the pillar numbers 11 and 12 of the Nepal-China border, due to which the people of Nepal are not able to go to their area. In protest against this occupation policy of China, the youth of Nepal are protesting against it by taking to the streets.

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