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China Offers to Mediate Talks with Russia

China Offers to Mediate Talks with Russia

China offers to mediate

China offers to mediate talks with Russia and Ukraine. President Xi Jinping stated that China is prepared to “work actively” with the international community. The goal is to settle the conflict in Ukraine, but he did not provide any specifics. He also maintained his opposition to Western sanctions on Russia.

During a call with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron, China’s president agreed it is “worrisome”. China is “deeply grieved by the outbreak of war again on the European continent.”

“China will stay in communication and coordination with France, Germany, and the EU and, in light of the needs of the parties involved, work actively together with the international community,” the statement said, adding that all efforts “conducive to the peaceful settlement of the crisis must be supported.”

Germany, France, and China

Germany and France are ready to strengthen their relationship with China to promote peace. China and Russia share the same views regarding the West. It was clear when China abstained from voting on the UN condemnation of Russia.

China has not imposed any sanctions on Russia nor have they publicly condemned their actions. They have not aided Russia’s economy in any way as well. Beijing seems to be neutral as it also fears being sanctioned for helping Russia.

The Chinese government has never called the war a Russian invasion. They also share the point of view of Russia that this was due to NATO’s eastward expansion. President Xi however urges both sides to “keep the talks going and bring about peaceful outcomes.”

China calls for both sides to exercise “maximum restraint” in the hopes of preventing a humanitarian crisis. They also agreed to provide Ukraine with humanitarian aid. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that the Chinese are “ready to seek a peaceful solution”.

President Xi is against the Western sanctions as they will “dampen the global economy that is already ravaged by the pandemic.”

“This is in the interest of no one. We need to actively advocate a vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security,” Xi said.

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