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Chirag Paswan Launches ‘Ashirawad Yatra’

Chirag Paswan Launches ‘Ashirawad Yatra’

On the occasion of his father, Ram Vilas Paswan’s birth anniversary Chirag Paswan has organized ‘Ashirwad Yatra’ to seek blessings from the people of Bihar. Before leaving from Delhi to Bihar he spoke to the press and said that he has been betrayed by his own people. 

Chirag Paswan is locked in a tussle with his rebellious uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras who recently staged a political coup in the Lok Jansakti Party was not in favour of this Yatra. Paras instead will celebrate ‘Paswan Jayanti’. 

Speaking to the media, Paswan said, “I am beginning Ashirvad Yatra from Hajipur because it was my father’s karmbhoomi. We will hold this yatra in every district. Our only aim is to take everyone’s blessings. I don’t have the status to show power to anyone. My own people have betrayed me.”

“There is no specific message regarding this yatra, I just want the blessings of the people of Bihar. I do not have anyone except the public of Bihar. Today, it was just me and my mother who were standing here to remember my father. It’s the same day when my brothers used to and uncle to be with us,” he added.

On the occasion, Chirag Paswan along with his mother, and other family members launched a book titled ‘Paswan’ in Delhi. The LJP leader broke down during the book launch and said, “I am the son of a lion, will never be scared, no matter how much people try to break us.”

Ram Vilas Paswan was born on July 5th, 1946 and is one of the most prominent leader of Bihar, he founded the Lok Jansakti Party in 2000 when he split from Janta Dal. He served as Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution in the Narendra Modi government. He was also a minister in the previous NDA government. On October 8th 2020, he passed away at the age of 74.

Chirag, who succeeded his father as the national president, is launching the Ashirwad Yatra today, although itwas frowned upon by his rebellious uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras on Friday.

“It is not right. Chirag should offer shraddhanjali to his father on his birth anniversary and hold other programmes in Jamui, which is his karmabhoomi (place of work),” said an obviously miffed Paras according to PTI.

“Our party will duly pay tributes to its late founder at the state headquarters here on July 5, the first birth anniversary of my brother since his death,” he added. Paras has recently replaced Chirag as LJP parliamentary party leader, armed with support of all other sitting MPs, and followed it up by getting elected as the “national president” of the breakaway faction.

Today is also the foundation day of the party Rashtriya Janata Dal during which Lalu Prasad Yadav addressed the party workers. During his speech he remembered his friend Ram Vilas Paswan.

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