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CM Kejriwal demands to cancel CBSE exam

CM Kejriwal demands to cancel CBSE exam

The capital of the country, Delhi is once again under the grip of corona infection.  Everyday Corona cases are setting new records.  Last day, 11491 new corona patients were found in Delhi and 72 people died.  Due to the ever increasing corona cases in Delhi, the arrangements in the hospitals have broken down, in view of which the Delhi Government has started strict action.  Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday demanded that CBSE exams should be canceled in view of the prevailing situation.

 Kejriwal said, this time the Corona wave is very dangerous.  Youth and children are being affected more in this wave.  He said that the CBSE exams are yet to come.  6 lakh children of Delhi will appear in the CBSE examination.  Close to one lakh teachers will be involved in this.  This can spread the corona on a large scale.  I request the Central Government to cancel the CBSE examinations.


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