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Connaught Place’s Rich History and Modern Charm

Connaught Place’s Rich History and Modern Charm

Connaught Place, officially known as Rajiv Chowk, is one of the most important financial, commercial and business centers in New Delhi, Delhi, India. It houses the headquarters of several well-known Indian companies and is New Delhi’s main shopping, nightlife and tourist destination. As of July 2018, Connaught Place was the ninth most expensive office location in the world, with an annual rent of $1,650 per square meter ($153 per square foot).

Connaught Place, the heart of India’s capital, Delhi, offers an impressive array of modern amenities. The area of ​​more than 30 hectares is still a buyers’ paradise and the most sought-after workplace. Here are some interesting facts about this historically important place in the city.

Connaught Place, often referred to by its abbreviation – CP, gives us the most authentic feel of Delhi. Strategically located in the middle of the city, the site presents the unique beauty of  Georgian architecture.

Below is a list of a few such facts that you probably didn’t know about –

The most expensive commercial hub

CP is one of the most expensive business markets  not only in India but worldwide. The average rent for commercial space in the region is more than  9,000 rubles per square meter per month. According to  reports, CP is among the  ten most expensive markets in the world. At times, CP led the most expensive locations in downtown Manhattan, New York and central London as the most expensive market. In addition to recognized media, CP  also includes several state institutions and banks. The area is a center of business and cultural activity and  the city’s main business district (CBD).

Magnificent Architecture

Connaught Place is famous for its Georgian architecture. The large scale and architecture of the area sets it apart from other buildings. The building forms two concentric circles with seven roads connecting the outer circle and the inner circle. The market has 12 entry and exit roads,  the most famous of which is the Janpath road.


Over the years, the region has reflected a significant development of associations. The circular shape acts as a hub between various aspects of life in Delhi; therefore, all paths leading out of the CP are important for connectivity. With the New Delhi railway station nearby, visitors can easily travel to any part of India by train. The area has its own Rajiv Chowk metro station, which has eight exit gates leading to separate blocks in the inner circle.

Social Standing

Another  highlight of CP is  Central Park. The  green park in the city center has now become the heritage of CP. It has the highest national flag in the country. The flag is 207 feet long, 60 feet wide and weighs approximately 37 kg, making it the tallest and  largest flag in the country. The flag evokes pride and patriotic enthusiasm in the heart of every viewer.

Civic Infrastructure 

The New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has installed 15 energy efficient smart poles in the district to follow the government’s smart city mission. The poles have air sensors, energy-saving LED lighting and even Wi-Fi connectivity. To promote energy conservation, the lights on the poles are automatically dimmed during off-peak hours. In addition, solar panels with an electricity production capacity of 3.30 MW were installed on the roofs of the buildings.

Historical Structures

Apart from being a shopper’s paradise, Connaught Place is home to many historically important places like Agrasen ki Baoli and Jantar Mantar. The area also has prominent places of worship like Bangla Sahib and Hanuman Temple where one can experience peace.


Connaught Place has seen tremendous changes since its existence in 1929. According to Master Plan of Delhi (MPD-2021), CP has been declared as a Metropolitan City Centre. Future plans for the area include the introduction of central air conditioning in the offices, the extension of the night hours of the shops in the inner circle and a car-free zone at night.

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