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Corona Cases Starts Increasing Once Again in Russia

Corona Cases Starts Increasing Once Again in Russia

While some countries of the world have almost won the corona cases, there are still many countries where corona cases have started gaining momentum once again. After America, now the havoc of Corona is being seen in Russia too. In the last 24 hours, one thousand people died of corona in Russia.

At the same time, thirty three thousand two hundred and eight new cases have been reported. According to the Russian government, due to the slow pace of vaccination, there is a rapid increase in corona cases in Russia again. In Russia this week, out of 146 million population, about 29% of the population (about 43 million) have been vaccinated.

The National Corona Virus Task Force in Russia reported on Saturday that 1,002 people had died, which is more than the 999 figures reported on Friday. At the same time 33,208 new cases have also been confirmed, which is 1,000 more than the figure a day earlier. In Russia, the daily death toll from infection has been broken several times in the past few weeks, but the government is still reluctant to tighten restrictions.

The officials tried to increase the speed of vaccination by giving lottery, bonus and other benefits, but there are many apprehensions in the minds of the people regarding vaccination, which is still hindering the efforts of the officials. The government had told this week that out of the country’s 14.6 crore population, the vaccination of about 29 percent of the population (about 43 million) has been completed.

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