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Corona Virus Found In Sewage Water In Lucknow

Corona Virus Found In Sewage Water In Lucknow

In Uttar Pradesh, the graph of Corona virus has started coming down. But the second wave of Corona is still going on. But meanwhile, corona virus has been found in the sewage of the capital Lucknow. Water samples were tested at Lucknow PGI. Chairman of PGI’s Department of Microbiology, Dr. Ujjwala Ghosh informed that ICMR and WHO have asked for sewage sampling. Sewage samples have also been taken in Uttar Pradesh.

In SGPGI, samples were brought from Lucknow’s Rukpur, Ghantaghar and Fish Mohal’s drainage. Corona virus has been found during a sample investigation. A sample of sewage was taken from the place where the water of the entire locality comes. This information has been given to ICMR and WHO.

Dr. Ujjwala Ghosh said that a recent study showed that the virus can reach the water through the feces of an infected person. This is believed to be the reason that the corona virus reached the drainage system through the feces of the patients. Dr. Ujjwala Ghoshal informed that water reaches the rivers through sewage. In such a situation, it will remain to be studied on how much damage will be done to the common people.

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